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Newfoundlander and Dog Prepare for 1,700-Kilometre Trek

Justin Barbour and Saku prepare for 1,700 km Canadan trek

Justin Barbour is preparing for a 1,700-kilometre trek from North West River in Labrador to Hudson Bay in Quebec on foot and in canoe.

The three-month trip will keep the Bauline teacher busy as he hopes to add another big hike to his resume, which includes a 700-kilometre trek across Newfoundland in 2017.

These are my two newest logos created by @mconnolly_design. Thanks so much man, I am extremely pleased. The bottom is our #acrosslabpeninsula expedition logo which I will patch onto my pack and clothing. The other is my #nlexplorer logo which I will use in Youtube videos etc. I didn't add my actual name to that one and also included Saku. Reason being, is that we are all explorers, and those of us in #newfoundlandandlabrador furthermore, are "NL Explorers". And I wanted to represent that, not just me. Because deep inside everyone is the innate curiosity to explore the unknown. Humans have been doing it since the beginning of time. Whether it be in our own backyard or something far greater, we are wired to move and seek out new experiences. So in the spirit of exploration and adventure, from human to dog(who love it as much as us), I hope this represents what is ingrained in the blood of us all. If you are looking for a highly skilled and motivated graphic artist for any of your creative endeavours, please drop @mconnolly_design a line.

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His only company for the trip will be his dog Saku, a Cape Shore water dog who goes everywhere with Barbour.

Barbour told CBC in an interview here, “These trips, they don’t happen overnight. I’ve been researching now since October, every little bit of information about this route, from the terrain, to the equipment needed.

“This is not Survivorman, but I do rely on some fish and stuff for some extra calories.”

Camping with everything but the kitchen sink this past May. It's a big difference from how things will be for me and Sak while navigating #acrosslabpeninsula in a few weeks . I look forward to an unclutterred simple life with the bare necessities in our 15 foot @esquifcanoes Prospecteur. There will be no emails, texts or phone calls pinging at my hip, constantly distracting and demanding attention. Instead, I'll experience a hearty break from that heat and turmoil of the "real world". My imagination will run free as I capture the indescribable freedom and space. Where hardly no man ever comes. Nothing but immaculate Canadian wilderness. Rushing rivers, statue still and angry lakes, lush forested valleys, moon-like barrens, Fish, Moose, Caribou, Bears, Wolves and much more beauty for seemingly endless miles. It will be a feeling of insane joy. Absolutely insane. Although this may be my dream, I strongly believe that in smaller doses, we could all use more of it to balance our lives. Hopefully the results I return with will inspire you to seek out your own escapes to the wild, and better appreciate being a true friend of nature. @rcgs_sgrc @mec @newfoundlandlabrador @tourismequebec @inukshukdogfood @waterlilyturbine @lowa.canada

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