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One Dead After Avalanche Near Lake Louise

No location or information was given about the two involved

It’s been a bad year for avalanche deaths this winter around the world with dozens killed. The RCMP now say that one person is dead after an avalanche at Lake Louise this morning.

RCMP told CBC that they received a phone call to assist Parks Canada’s search and rescuers at 9:26 a.m. at the Château Lake Louise staging area in Banff National Park. Upon arrival, officers said they learned that one person had died.

Another person was examined at the scene but was O.K. RCMP did not confirm where the avalanche started or ended. Rumours circulating in the Alberta ski scene suggest that the avalanche took place on or around Haddo Peak, but this is not confirmed.

Two weeks ago, Olympic champion Julie Pomagalski and her partner Bruno Cutelli were killed in an avalanche in Switzerland. That same week, we reported about pro Luca Pandolfi’s avalanche death and last month, Squamish climber Dave Henkel, 45, was killed after getting caught in and avalanche near Whister, read more about the accident here. The week before that, top Italian climber and skier Carlalberto “Cala” Cimenti, 45, and his partner Patrick Negro, died in an avalanche near Cima del Bosco in Italy. Read more about the accident here. And in early February, eight highly experienced skiers died in avalanches in Colorado and Utah, read about it here.

Always check avalanche conditions before you head out. Visit Avalanche Canada here for more info. This is a developing story that we’ll update once more information is available.

Update April 5 at 5 p.m. MST: Avalanche Canada has reported about the avalanche, which was on Haddo. Read about it here.