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Peter Knight Gets FKT Up Ha Ling in Canmore

Ha Ling Peak trail

In the world of running up mountains as quickly as possible, athletes have taken on the term FKT or fastest known time.

For most serious runners, the app Strava provides an accurate log of information to keep track of your times.

On Ha Ling, the most accurate times over the past few years have been kept on Strava and instead of being called an FKT, the fastest times are called KOM or king of the mountain.

Peter Knight from Edmonton just posted a time of 29 minutes and 50 seconds on Strava, making him the king of the mountain and giving him the FKT.

Of course, maybe there’s some non-digital mountain sprinter out there who hikes up in less time, but doubt full.

Knight is one of Canada’s top skimo racers, you can visit his blog here. He and Travis Brown have the FKT on a number of big ski lines.

In Kananaskis Country, the two skied up and down Joffre in less than 11 hours. It is the highest mountain in Kananaskis Country and one of the 11,000 footers of the Canadian Rockies.

It is usually done over three days and the guidebook claims a round trip distance of 28 kilometres.

“But our GPS’s were reading closer to 40 km and 2,150 m of vertical when we got back to the car just under 11 hours after starting,” said Knight.

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