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Popular B.C. Vloggers Among Three Dead at Shannon Falls

Rescuers at Shannon Falls on Tuesday

Popular Vancouver vloggers Ryker Gamble and Alexey Lyakh and Lyakh’s girlfriend Megan Scraper, were identified as the hikers who died at Shannon Falls on Tuesday.

Scraper slipped off a rock and was carried 30 metres down the falls into a pool. That’s when Gamble and Lyakh jumped in to help her but were swept away.

Cpl. Sascha Banks of the RCMP said that the pools at Shannon Falls were not accessible by side trails, so teams spent hours trying to figure out how to recover the bodies of the hikers.

“It’s not accessible unless you drop into this pool and there’s no way other than to say that it’s extremely dangerous to get there so that’s something that we’re trying to figure out the logistics of.”

The three hikers were members of High On Life, a popular vlogging channel known for people doing stunts in nature.

Over the years, many of those stunts landed members of High on Life in American court rooms on charges of breaking National Park rules.

In one of his last Instagram posts, Gamble spoke about the lessons of the past year and the joys of a life spent exploring the world with his childhood friends.

“I think we can learn a thing or two from our younger childish selves,” he said. “My plan is to not stiffle the kid in me… the kid that wants to do weird and wacky things, like dance and sing in my underwear, and go to water parks and build slip n slides in summer! That’s my plan.”

Gamble’s death will likely cast a spotlight on the uneasy relationship between social media “stars” and true lovers of outdoor adventure.

Locals have complained Shannon Falls is being visited by people unprepared for the terrain.

For years, hikers and wilderness enthusiasts across Canada have been voicing concerns about their private spots being invaded by tourists in search of sites they’ve seen on Instagram.

Kimberly Fraatz, who met Gamble while working in the video industry said, “I’m in absolute disbelief and shock. Ryker Gamble you were an amazing guy. We met when we were both starting our journey in this crazy industry, with a lil company called Gold Standard Entertainment,” she posted.

“What an experience that was. You’re a true gentleman and a hero. You will be missed and not forgotten.”

This is a reminder to take proper precautions when hiking near dangerous areas.

Gamble’s last post was to wish his more than 64,000 followers a happy Canada Day.