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Review: Keen Targhee III Mid WP Hiking Boots

The Keen Targhee III builds on the great features of the Targhee II and comes with the comfort of a lightweight approach shoe, but the durability of a hiker.

One big difference between the Targhee II and III is a change in material to an oiled nubuck leather outer, which frees the boot to work with your movement in a better way.


Overall, the Targhee III can take a lot of abuse. The oil treatment on the nubuck leather will dry out over time and you’ll need to apply aftermarket product to ensure the boots continue to repel water.

The Targhee III has excellent grip as it uses the same sole at the Targhee II, which has one of the best-for-traction soles on any hiking boot.

The sole grips big basalt and granite talus blocks but also gives good traction in steep mud and scree.


They take very little time to work in and are comfortable on day one. The nubuck leather upper is softer and more pliable than more rigid one-piece leather uppers.

There is an incredible amount of flex and movement which makes it feel soft and cushy. The large toe bumper is thick rubber and keeps your toes protected from rock and roots.

There’s plenty of cushioning around the ankle but not so much that it feels bulky.

There’s a strip of webbing that wraps around your heel that pulls tight with the clever lacing system.

The material used to make it so soft also makes it less stable than some other more rigid hikers.

Despite being so nimble, the have good side to side stability thanks to the wide soles.

Water Resistance/Weight

The Targhee III doesn’t have the highest flood level, but it’s good for puddles on trails and melting snow.

Because the upper has so many pieces of leather sewn together, the many seams need to be cared for. Add some seam grip to reinforce the water resistance.

At just over a kilogram per pair for a size 11, the Targhee III is pretty light for being a mid.


These are a nice update to the Targhee II. For light day hikes, the Targhee III are some of the best boots on the market.

Whether you’re hiking to a crag, backpacking through the boreal forest or need a good hiker for long portages, we recommend the Keen Targhee III.