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Skateboarding and Biking Down Squamish Slabs

Biking down a slab as a climber goes up is one of the coolest photos of the year

In 2007, Olivier Ouellette and gang made the first skateboard descent of The Apron in Squamish. He ductapped the board to one foot and rigged a rappel to board down.

Was it the first time anyone had done this? Probably not. Nevertheless, it was proof that slabs in Squamish could be multi-sport.

And yes, there’s a video that you can watch here:

Matt Bolton Bikes a Slab

Enter Matt Bolton in September 2020 with a new way to use Squamish slabs. He cleaned some moss off a short cliff and rode his mountain bike down it.

He “had this crazy idea for a while” that he wanted to ride down a rock slab as a climber was going up nearby.

He called the run The Nail Biter and shared photos on Instagram.

We’re standing by for the first rollerblade, rollerski and scooter slab descents.

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THE FINGER BITER 💅🔥 I've had this crazy idea for a while that I wanted to ride down a rock slab at the same time a rock climber was ascending 🧗‍♂️ I'd been looking for the right spot for a while and when I stumbled across this slab with climbing anchors I knew it was time 👀 When I first went to clean the line with @jtiezy I slipped on some wet moss at the top and ended falling to the bottom 💀🤕 Luckily I escaped with just some scrapes and a few ripped off fingernails 😅🤞 Big thanks to @adamluu for coming climbing and watching me ride my bike off a cliff 🙏👀 Swipe 👈 for the sequence 🔥🔥 📸 – @ride_nf and @clinttrahan #ridenf #worklessridemore #oncoil #onpatrol #rideoneup

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