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Skiing Harrison’s North Couloir in Southern Rockies

It's the most southerly of the 11,000-foot peaks in the Canadian Rockies

Photo by: Trevor Sexsmith

Mount Harrison is the most southerly 11,000’er in the Canadian Rockies and was the last primary summit over 11,000 feet in the Canadian Rockies to be climbed. It’s located west of the continental divide, entirely within the province of B.C.

Relatively hidden away in the south west side of the Rockies, far from the focus on alpinist and mountaineering in Jasper and Banff National Parks, and far away from the population of Calgary, the summit remained off the radar until it was given an official height exceeding 11,000 feet.

The first ascent of the North Couloir was in 1978 from a road-side camp up a drainage. They climbed the right-hand of two couloirs on North Face, steep snow and ice, 40 to 50 degrees. Gain the West Ridge near summit, up ridge to summit. Read about a descent by Trevor Sexsmith and Trevor D. in 2016, read about it here.

Harrison North Couloir


Lead photo: Trevor Sexsmith