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The Valandré Troll, the warmest jacket we’ve ever tried

Made for serious backcountry climbers and skiers looking to stay warm on super cold days

“Ever wanted to feel naked, but still warm in the chill of winter?” is Valandré’s opener to anyone who wants to know more about their Troll Jacket. Even if you haven’t, if you are in need of a super-warm jacket for the coldest temps, the Troll is for you.

The Troll benefits from Valandré’s extensive experience building down jackets and sleeping bags of the highest quality. The heart of the Troll is the 62 compartments filled with 850 fill down (by Us measurement, EU measuring is more stringent and rates it at 800). Valandré source their white goose down from geese in southwest France raised just for down. They only use down from the fourth moult, when the goose is getting ready for its first migration and the down is strongest.

The outer shell is made from Ashasi-Kasei ripstop  nylon, which is more abrasion resistant than many lightweight jacket shells. The fit is more anatomical than in many extreme cold-weather jackets due to thoughtful design features like the dg helmet, but the down expands to make it feel snug around your bare head. The zipper, a sturdy, nylon YYK with two metal pulls, zips above the nose, a comfy addition for extreme cold. It also comes with a meme: “Oh Yeah?” embroidered on the back of the hood.

The jacket has big handwarmer pockets that will easily hold big gloves, but no external chest pocket, a useful compartment for small items and a phone. There are two internal chest pockets, but they are too small for gloves or a water bottle, common uses for these pockets

Unlike many stuffed jackets, it comes down over the buttocks, a crucial addition for hanging around camp or long belays. Drawstrings on the lower hem allow you to conserve more heat.

Incredibly, with all of these features, the Troll, in medium, weighs only 700 g. The Troll comes with a large net storage sack and a small ripstop stuffsack.

Highly recommended as an extra-warm, very lightweight high-tech jacket for serious outdoor users. We’ve used it outside in temperatures down to -20 c with no problems. If this jacket isn’t warm enough for you, the next step up is a one-piece full down suit, and yes, Valandré make those too.

Fill: 850 fill white Goose Down
Shell: Ashashi- Kasei Mini Rip-stop Nylon
Weight: 700 g (medium)
Price: $699.99 (USD