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This Photography Clinic is Unlike Any Other

Mountain Hardwear's Open Aperture clinic will take place in July. It's designed to better equip marginalized communities in the outdoor industry

Returning for its fourth year, Mountain Hardwear’s Open Aperture photo clinic is an all-expenses paid, multi-day photo clinic designed to better equip marginalized communities to tell their own stories and combat underrepresentation in the outdoors.

The clinic will be taking place this July and is capped at six participants. It will be led by Nat Geo adventure photographer, and Open Aperture program director, Nikki Smith. The deadlines to apply are My 28.

The clinic’s mission statement reads, “Too many people from underrepresented communities feel that outdoor spaces and activities are not safe for them nor have participants like them involved. Some of this is due to a lack of inclusion and representation in outdoor media showcasing the outdoors. We want to better equip marginalized communities to tell their own stories because the more media-makers we have in these underrepresented communities, the more opportunity there is to share their stories and show that everyone belongs in the outdoors. And ultimately, no one can better tell the story of a marginalized group’s experience than those directly affected.”

The clinic has focused on rock climbing over the past few years, but will be switching it up to camping and on-trail activities in 2023. To learn more and to apply visit here.