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Tips for Camping with Children on Canada Day Weekend

Camping with the kids

It’s almost Canada Day 2018 and Parks Canada has some tips for you when you’re heading outdoors with your children this weekend.

Camping with children is very rewarding, but does involve more planning, so here are some tips to help you make sure your camping adventure with your kids is a success.

Clothing: Children tend to get wet and dirty faster while camping than at home, so pack several extra sets of clothing and footwear.

Comforts from home: If your child has a favourite toy, book or blanket from home, pack it! They will appreciate having something familiar from home the first few times they sleep in a tent.

Plan for rainy days: Rainy days can be a lot of fun but require a plan. Play board games or card games or read a story in the tent. Visit the park’s visitor centre to see exhibits and learn about park programming for that day.

Put on your rain gear and go for a hike – it will be totally different then going in fair weather. Try going into a nearby town. If you research before you go you may learn of some interesting things to visit nearby.

Food: Lots of activities outside makes for hungry children! Make sure to pack plenty of healthy snacks for between meals.

Involve your children: One way to make camping interesting to your children is to involve them in planning by asking them what activities they would like to do.

Safety: Ground rules are important to find a good balance between fun and safety. Being in the outdoors means that there are some risks that are usually not present when you are at home. Make sure your children know how to be safe around potential dangers near your campsite such as campfires, wildlife and bodies of water.

Parks Canada staff tips: Let your children feel like they are part of the experience. Make sure they have their own flashlight or headlamp at night. Let them bring their own backpack on hikes and day trips. Let them choose snacks to bring.

Family camping

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