We recently interviewed Laval St. Germain, who is making his way across Antarctica his way for the Explorer’s Grand Slam.

St. Germain is hoping to complete a two-in-one expedition: solo ski to the South Pole, followed by an ascent of Mount Vinson, Antarctica’s highest mountain. St. Germain has sights on a few goals with this expedition.

Read out pre-expedition interview with St. Germain here.


On Nov. 28, St. Germain updated the world from Antarctica with: “Yesterday was a bit of a slog into a cold stiff headwind & near zero visibility, just kept a compass bearing & pulled south. Sun peeked out for a few hours as I made camp & then was gone a few hours later. Windstorm last night but the tent held-up great. Once again I started the day digging out my pulk and tent and loading up in a snow blasting wind with zero visibility.

“Fortunately Jim’s forecast of sun today occurred! So nice to finally charge some electronics using my solar panel and sit in a tent warmed by the sun…great to be able to dry my gear as well, pulling on pants & a jacket everyday that are frozen stiff isn’t much fun. Have been doing 8 hrs per day of hauling & today made just over 20 km. In a few days I’ll start doing 9 hrs per day & keep cranking up the daily skiing time as I progress south.

“Scenery was gorgeous today as I pulled away from Three Sails, three nunataks protruding from the ice. Tried to take a pic but camera was frozen…such is life in Antarctica.”

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