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Watch a Black Bear Walk into a Canmore Restaurant

The small bear quickly turned and ran out

On July 7, a small black bear walked into the Canmore Brazilian barbecue restaurant, Gaucho, before running back out. Canmore RCMP and Fish and Wildlife officers responded to reports a bruin was walking around downtown.

“It did walk along Main Street with RCMP and Fish and Wildlife behind it all the way to the downtown area by Gaucho,” said Clayton. “They followed the bear along and kind of pushed it into the bush, it ran into the bush by the Bow River, so the area residents were advised that there was a bear in the area but that was the only action required – just to move the bear along.

“I think it’s a good reminder that the bears aren’t just in the bush, that they can be in any point in town regardless of what they’re looking for … It’s just a good reminder that there could be a bear on Main Street.” Watch the bear below.

Bear in Canmore