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Watch Anna Gasser Make History with Cab Triple 1260

Olympic champion Anna Gasser has written another chapter in her snowboard career after becoming the first woman to land a cab triple cork.

The 27-year-old pulled off the jump on her first attempt at the Stubai Glacier in Austria.

The cab triple 1260 involves taking off in the switch position with your ‘wrong’ foot forward, followed by three and a half rotations in the air, and then landing in the forward position.

One of my faves ? #fs3 Thanks @dashanosova for the shot

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The Austrian also made history in 2013 with a cab double cork 900 kicker and 2015 when she became the first woman to land a competition cab double underflip.

She also claimed the gold medal in the Big Air competition at the Pyeongchang Games.

To put Gasser’s latest first into perspective, it’s been just over four years since Katie Ormerod became the first female snowboarder to land a double cork.

By comparison, there was an eight-year gap between JP Walker landing the first men’s double cork in 2005 and Torstein Horgmo landing the first men’s triple cork in 2013.

“Yesterday it didn’t look very promising, because there was some wind forecast, but then it turned out to be the perfect day up here at the Stubai Glacier and I was able to do my first few hits on the big Prime Park Sessions kicker line,” Gasser said.

“Everything felt so natural and after a few warm-up jumps I started to step it up a bit – my first few double corks on the huge kicker felt really good. So after a while I decided to just go for the triple. The take-off was in perfect condition, I had a lot of pop and felt in control in the air – so I just decided to go for it! In the end I did it on the first try and I am super stoked everything worked out so early in the season.”

Gasser’s 1260

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