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Watch Cartoon Goofy in Art of Skiing Film from 1941

Set against an Alpine backdrop of fresh powder and hearty yodeling, rugged outdoorsman Goofy hits the slopes really hard on a sidesplitting ski adventure.

The laughter snowballs as the Goof attempts to tackle the finer points of the sport without breaking every bone in his body.

This short film was released in theaters on Nov. 14, 1941, and has historical significance as the first cartoon to use the now famous goofy holler.

Goofy goes to Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, to learn how to ski. The name of the resort can be seen in the opening frames of the cartoon.

Sugar Bowl Ski Resort was used because Walt Disney had an interest in the Sugar Bowl ski area, to the extent that one of the peaks at Sugar Bowl is named Mount Disney after him.

The narrator mentions the alternate pronunciation of skiing as “SHEEing”. Another Goofy cartoon featured Goofy mentioning this to an Ancient Greek.

Walt Disney’s The Art of Skiing

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