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Watch Cody Townsend Ski Messner Couloir and Other Classics

Introducing The Fifty. A project to climb and ski all 50 lines chronicled in the book, The Fifty Classic Descents of North America by Chris Davenport, Penn Newhard and Art Burrows.

Over the next three years, Cody Townsend will be chronicling the adventures, challenges and travels around North America skiing a collection of the most aesthetic, spectacular and hardest lines in North America.

Episode one details out the plans and the first line ticked off on the adventure, the Messner Couloir on Denali, the highest mountain in North America.

En route to Utah, the first setbacks of the season present themselves. With weather, avalanche danger and crowds, the first line of the year is met with difficult decision making, trepidation and the need for patience. As the crews change and time goes by, the reward becomes that much sweeter.

Featured guests in episode two include Pep Fujas, Drew Peterson, Joe Johnson, Weston Shirey and Cinematographer for The Fifty, Bjarne Salen.

Out in the rugged dusty wild of Nevada, lies an infamously aesthetic couloir named Terminal Cancer. While skied very very often, the crew takes on the attempt to fulfill a quest for “first descents.”

The sarcasm runs deeper than the bootpack and the humor longer than the chute itself. “Skiing is meant to be fun, so why so serious all the time Reinhold?”