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Watch Drone Footage of Rick Allen Rescue on Broad Peak

Drone footage of Rick Allen on Broad Peak

Watch drone footage of missing Scottish mountaineer Rick Allen on Broad Peak in Pakistan this week.

Presumed dead, a drone spotted Allen around 7,000 metres after the pilot sent the machine up from the K2 base camp.

Allen’s team members presumed he was dead after he took a fall on July 9, until the following day when the cook thought he spotted something up high.

That’s when the drone was employed the drone and Allen followed the drone until climbers from camp three reached him.

The drone was operated by Polish climber Bartek Bargiel, who is in the Himalayas filming his brother Andrzej’s K2 ski descent.

Allen suffered cuts in the fall and had frostbite and was flown by helicopter for treatment to his frozen toes.

Allen told BBC, “a number of people had assessed the situation and come to the conclusion that I was not going to come back.

“I think Sandy knows me well enough that I can hang in in some pretty tough situations. But I think even he was struggling.”

His climbing partner, Sandy Allan said, “He is a tough and strong willed man and also incredibly lucky that a cook and then the drone spotted him. We were convinced he was dead.

“He’s my best high altitude climbing pal.” Watch the footage below.