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Watch Epic Ski Comp Transfer by Hank Bilous at Hakuba

And watch an interview with the top New Zealand skier

Wannaka skier Hank Bilous set the bar at Hakuba in late January 2020 when he launched a massive double-transition as part of an historic run that earned him silver.

“I was probably more stoked to make it over that transfer gap than I was to see my score,” said Bilous. “It’s always hard to know definitively if those kind of gaps will actually line up from a visual inspection but it looked like it would work to me and I’m glad it did.”

In Freeride World Tour events, riders are not able to ski through the course before the competition and can only plan their line by making a visual inspection from the bottom or using images of the venue.

“I felt an almost overwhelming sense of gratitude to be standing in the start gate at the end of the road, filled with highs and lows, that brought me there. Taking a moment to realise where I was and what I was doing made me feel really content and anything that happened from there was a bonus,” he said.

The Transfer

Hank Bilous Interview