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Watch Film on Elder Heu Rapu of Easter Island

This year The Céline Cousteau Film Fellowship went to Easter Island (Rapa Nui) for a six-week documentary film expedition.

The film was directed by Max Lowe, son of the late alpinist Alex Lowe.

“Our film focused on Heu Rapu, an elder of the island, seeking to find his peace and understanding on how to preserve his cultural, environmental and ancestral traditions while embracing the encroaching globalized world and the harmful effects that can so often come with tourism growth.”

The entire production took place on location this year (pre-production, Production & Post Production).

“It was our desire to experience the full documentary in a place that has limited access to water, electricity, internet, phone and all other major conveniences we often take for granted.

“To the dismay of what would be considered ‘not-ideal’ conditions for a fully produced film, our mentors and fellows found balance in our modern necesisities that only a generator could cure and the wild outdoors, surrounded by saltwater, rich culture and a desire to be in the moment.”

The outcomes of this film display a conflict between two very different worlds and embodied that same struggle, giving insight and understanding of which we will all forever contain a profound respect and a desire to protect that balance.

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