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Watch Gripping Video as Skier Reflects on Avalanche Burial

Nick McNutt's 2019 accident is well know, now hear what he has to say about it

In 2019, Nick McNutt was caught in an avalanche while filming with Teton Gravity Research (TGR). Fellow skiers Christina Lustenberger, Sam Smoothy and Ian McIntosh were on scene to aid in his search and rescue.

As TGR notes, “McNutt decided to head up for a few minigolf laps on some tasty-looking pillow stacks above where the crew’s sleds were parked. Midway down his second line, he dislodged a large pillow that broke into pieces and cascaded straight down his line. McNutt had already committed to the exit, and was hit full-force by the mass of moving snow, which dragged him through some trees and buried him deep on the flat lake surface below.”

We often see videos of skiers getting caught in avalanches, but rarely get a video of them reflecting on the experience. Join McNutt as he shares his thoughts. And read Lustenberger’s breakdown of the day here.

Nick McNutt on Avalanche