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Watch How to Self Rescue on a Sea Kayak Tour

World Champion kayaker Ken Whiting self-rescue tips / watch below

When kayak touring alone, it is important to know how to self rescue if you capsize.

For this week’s Gripped Outdoors techniques, World Champion kayaker, Ken Whiting, examines some of the most popular techniques in this clip.

The best kind of self-rescue after a capsize is to roll back up again, but it is always possible to end up in the water alongside your kayak and with no immediate prospect of rescue by a friend.

Self-rescue skills are worth practicing, often and in real conditions.

It’s best to have a competent kayaker standing by in case you have unexpected difficulty, but it’s possible to practice solo either on enclosed water or where the direction of both wind and current means that you and any stray equipment will be carried to safety.

Watch Whiting’s tips below.