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Watch Huge Himalayan Avalanche Rip Through Trees

A number of people were injured as they ran away from the slide

Nepal’s Tekuche Peak was the scene of a huge avalanche this week. The mountain, found above the village of Kobang, released an almost unbelievable amount of ice and snow, which luckily didn’t kill anyone. Located in the Dhaulagiri Range, the slide ended up in the Boksi River of Mustang.

It was reported that some people were injured as they tried to run away from the falling debris. In one school, students ran out of class to escape the potential danger. A number of trees were destroyed, as were rooftops on nearby homes.

It was reported by The Himalayan Times that dozens of yaks, sheep and cow at the base of the mountain were killed. The peak is popular with climbers, but nobody had registered being on it that day.

Avalanche in Mustang

Second Video of Avalanche in Mustang