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Watch Motherload, Award-Winning 2020 Ski Flim About Moms

Motherload is about being a single parent after one partner dies in the mountains. It's a great film

In 2019, pro-skier David Treadway died in a crevasse fall in western B.C. He left behind Tessa, his wife, and three children. A new film, Motherload, follows professional skiers and mothers Tessa and Izzy Lynch as they carry the load of loss, life-changing events, and the love of their children into the mountains where they find the moments of peace, growth and healing that help them carry on.

Motherload first appears as a comic story about getting the kids ready for skiing, but quickly connects on a deeper level with the themes of single parenting, loss and friendship.

“Tackling the subjects of loss, family and motherhood while producing a film in the midst of a pandemic was no easy task,” said Izzy, “but we are very happy with how it all came together and we could not have done it without an incredible team.”

Motherload recently won a Jury Selection Award at the Whistler Film Festival.