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Watch New Slackline World Record: 2.8 Kilometres!

Thirty of the best slackliners in the world recently visited the Arctic circle in Norway and rigged a 2,800-metre-long slackline.

Four slackliners managed to walk the line, each taking two-and-a-half hours. Crossings of the longest line were by Quirin Herterich, Friedi Kühne, Samuel Volery and Lukas Irmler.

Two days later, the team rigged a 1,200-metre line and Mia Noblet from B.C. set a new female world record for her walk.

The video calls it a world record at 2,500 metres for a tightrope walk but that the entire line is 2,800 metres, a world record for a slackline.

Scroll down to watch the prep, rigging and early attempts.

Watch World Record: