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Watch Top Skier Get Hit by Avalanche and Talk Risk

An epic video that should scare the wits into anyone who hasn't considered how bad avalanches are

Nikolai Schirmer went 16 years riding dangerous mountain slopes without being caught in an avalanche, but after he was his perspective changed. Unlike most videos, Schirmer talks through his reflections of the avalanche, why it happened, what others can learn and how quickly his next ride might come.

His end conclusion? Maybe he’s not just going to the mountains to stay alive.

Born in 1991 north of the arctic circle, he’s now an YouTube-famous backcountry skier with a big following. He’s done four seasons in Chamonix, one in Alaska and one in Jackson Hole. This winter is being spent around Europe with his base in Innsbruck.

His tips for success? “You have to try your wings. If you have an idea, do it. If your first project goes well; great. If it doesn’t, so what? At least you tried. And always deliver, no matter what. If you’ve gotten your foot into the industry, make sure to maintain and excel in it. It’s a small business; people are working closely with each other. Your effort, no matter good or bad, will be seen by a lot of people.”

Epic Avalanche Ride