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Watch Tree Fall and Building Burn in Yosemite Snow

A big winter snowstorm in Yosemite National Park has toppled trees and damaged buildings in the park. Many roads are closed and over 150 employees are more/less stranded without power. No one was injured during the storm, which from Monday through Wednesday dumped 100 cm of snow on Yosemite Valley. The park is open, but all visitor services at Half Dome Village remained closed Friday, as the damage was assessed and repairs begun.

About 50 guest cabins at Half Dome Village were damaged or destroyed, as well as 50 to 70 housing units for concession employees. “Visitor and employee safety remains the highest priority for the National Park Service and the park concessioner,” the statement from the park service said.

Many videos are being posted to Instagram of trees falling and snow accumulating. In the lower video, a cabin burns during the snowstorm.

Video credits to my good friend shanon

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I cant help but feel for the employees currently living in Yosemite. Due to a recent storm causing downed trees and power lines, 168 employees have been displaced or rendered homeless. When you work in a place like Yosemite you are forced to live in company provided housing. @aramark already did a poor job at maintenanceing these living quarters, but now it's just gone to a new level. Displaced employees were temporarily given hotel rooms to live in, but because @aramark cant rent out those rooms, they're kicking the employees out right before another storm. All the tourist parking lots have been plowed and the fallen trees removed. It's a different story for the employees. Employees have had little to no help with their cars stuck in snow or under trees in unplowed lots. I worked for @aramark for a couple years and I can tell you from personal experience that they treat their employees like dirt. They've taken the, "the customer's always right" motto to an unhealthy extreme. @aramark doesn't give a crap about its employees because they aren't customers. The only thing aramark cares about is money. So 168 homeless employees isn't a disaster to Aramark, it's just a financial inconvenience. Let's not forget that @aramark is still making these displaced employees show up for work. This is just insane. Please share this and tag other people whom you think might be able to help. Video by my friend @justinreedolsen. @aramark @Patagonia @thenorthface @jimmychin @yosemitefacelift @accessfund @blackdiamond @adidasterrex #yosemite

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