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10 Reasons to Love Indoor Rock Climbing

As more climbing gyms open their doors across Canada this season, here are a few reasons you should get a membership

As the winter season sets in across Canada, anyone not ice climbing is turning their focus to climbing indoors. And for others, climbing in a gym is their primary interest. Whether it’s comp season or the off-season or just your favourite past time, indoor rock climbing is the bomb and here’s why…

10. There’s bound to be a gym close by

With the popularity of the sport, climbing gyms are popping up everywhere.

9. It’s way cooler than going to a regular gym

Most gyms have training equipment as well these days, but also, you don’t need to be cool to rock climb.

8. You don’t need a lot of gear

As little as a pair of shoes and a chalk bag.

7. You can climb with friends, old and new

Whether it’s your home gym or you’re visiting from out of town, indoor climbing can bring people together. Share some beta, work a problem with someone, swap belays, climbers are a usually a friendly bunch.


6. You can boulder alone

Pop those headphones in and do your thing.

5. No mosquitoes

We all love nature but sometimes it’s nice to have a bug-free experience.

4. There’s no approach

Some folks love that warm-up hike, but others just want to get climbing and at a gym the wall is right there behind the front desk!

3. Accessible year-round

There are always times throughout the year when you want to (should) get outside, but rather than the seasons dictating your climbing destinations, indoor gyms are open all year long. So if it’s too hot or too cold, too wet or too windy, your local climbing gym is there for you.

2. It can get you fit and strong

Both physically and mentally.

1. It’s soooooooo much fun!!!