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11 Tips to Start Climbing with Adam Ondra

The top climber gives himself some tips on how to start climbing

If you’re new to climbing then you might not know who Adam Ondra is, so here’s a quick description: he’s the best sport climber in the world.

With countless sends of 5.14+ and harder, he established the world’s first 5.15d with Silence in Norway. The steep route has never been repeated. You only need to watch this short video to understand what makes him the best.

Ondra has now released a short film for you new-to-climbing folks who are looking for some helpful tips.

Ondra’s Tips

TIp 1: Focus on footwork
Tip 2: Use your toes
Tip 3: Place your feet precisely
Tip 4: Keep your hips close to the wall
Tip 5: Don’t Rush
Tip 6: Take a rest
Tip 7: Use your eyes
Tip 8: Don’t bend or extend your arms too much
Tip 9: Don’t reach too far
Tip 10: Turn sideways if needed
Tip 11: Follow the language of chalk