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2018 Junior British Bouldering Championships Results

The 2018 Junior British Bouldering Championships took place on on June 23 at Rock Over Climbing in Manchester, U.K.

There were over 200 youth climbers who came out for the big comp with problems set by Alex Fry, Jamie Cassidy and Dave Barrans.

Results below and scroll down for social media from the event.

Junior Male/Female
1. Max Milne / Hannah Slaney
2. Aiden Dunne / Jo Neame
3. Sammy Oakes / Eugenie Lee

Youth A Male/Female
1. Hamish McArthur / Emily Phillips
2. Nathan Whaley / Holly Toothill
3. Matthew Fall / Hannah Smith

Youth B Male/Female
1. Tai Tewkesbury / Matilda Collins
2. Daniel Smith / Lauren Barnett
3. Finn Hayward / Louise Flockhart

Youth C Male/Female
1. Jack Macdougall / Edie Carr
2. Finley Adams / Gwen Morgan
3. Felix Warren / Maya Patel

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