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2021 Holiday Gift Guide for the Indoor Climber

Finding the right gift is hard. These are the top five indoor climbing gifts for this holiday season

With the holidays around the corner, it is time to consider what might make the perfect gift for your friend or loved one. In an industry filled with products, it can be hard to distinguish the new from the old, but today we will unpack the best indoor climbing products of 2021.

Moon – Armstrong Fingerboard

If your loved one is looking to break their plateau this season, the Moon Armstrong Fingerboard is a great place to start. The highly absorbent plywood design retains friction through damp skin, all while offering durable edges for years of use. With edge sizes ranging from 25 millimetres in depth to 8 millimetres, the Armstrong Fingerboard is great for beginners and advanced climbers alike.

It comes equipped with a set of jugs for pulling exercises, in addition to the more challenging one-arm hang grips found in the middle of the board. This product is new as of 2021 and a great way to make your training-focused climber smile.

Flashed – Big Squishy

Perhaps the best new crash pad of 2021, the Flashed Climbing Big Squishy is a comfortable solution to the falling problem. In a sport described almost exclusively by falling, having a good crash pad is a must. At 5.25” thick, 58” wide and 46” tall, the Big Squishy lives up to its name being both large and deep.

It is made to be easy to use and comes complete with easy carry features, metal clasps and a bend-resistant design that allows for consistent use. It is the perfect pad for the beginner or expert and will keep you protected whether you fall from 20 feet or two feet. What makes Flashed pads extremely fun is that you can customize the design on the pad itself. The Big Squishy is ideal for uneven landings. Shipping is free in Canada and US. Check it out here.

Rhino Skin Solutions – Performance

This reparative solution from Rhino is the perfect gift for the daily climber. While the repair product also has its virtues, Rhino performance is an incredible way to grow skin tougher and thicker than before. Rhino has really pushed in this last year to show its worth and today stands as the leading skin care climbing company in North America. Not sure if Performance is what you need? Head over to Rhino to check out their whole line of specialized products. Check it out here.

La Sportiva – Aragon

Did your loved one just get into climbing, but still needs a pair of climbing shoe? La Sportiva’s Aragon provides new climbers with a comfortable foundation from which they can improve. The cross-velcro design of the shoe provides a snug fit without having to downsize in the same way you might with a performance model. The heel is snug, it comes with a lot of rubber, and at $99 USD, they will not break the bank. Check it out here.

Scarpa – Drago LV

The award winning Scarpa Drago is back with a new low volume model. Perhaps one of the prettiest shoes on the market today, the black and white masterpiece offers incredible tension, stick, and performance in and outside of the gym. With a heel cup to rival the best and a toe-box to match, the Scarpa Drago is favourite among pro and intermediate climbers alike. Although it may not come cheap at $219.95 CAD, the climber that unwraps this beauty will be happier than the rest. Check it out here.