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Adam Ondra Gives Tips for Better Clipping

And watch highlights from his 2020 Czech championship win and a 5.14+ send

Watch top climber Adam Ondra sends Sid Lives 5.14c/d and give tips on how to clip better. Ondra recently won the Czech climbing championships, watch the final round here.


Blowing a clip can end your redpoint burn on those mega projects. Below are a few reminders. Being efficient at clipping can help you on those endurance testpieces on steep roofs, so you want to remember to keep your arms straight.

It’s good to clip at your waist if possible to save energy and hit your target. Clipping at your waist helps for extended pieces of pro, because you can just clip the biner to the rope instead of pulling up rope to clip to the piece.

There’s no wrong way to clip when lead climbing, as long as you’re efficient and smooth.

Olympic-bound Canadian Sean McColl said, “In my opinion, you don’t always have to clip the same way as long as you’re comfortable clipping in any way. Climbers must be able to clip with both hands comfortably, and with the gate facing either direction. But there is no wrong way to clip—as long as you can do it quickly and without hesitation!”

Ondra and Clipping