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Adam Ondra Wins European Cup – “I Got a Hunger to Compete Again”

This was his first major competition victory since the Summer Olympics last year

Photo by: Petr Chodura

Adam Ondra has won the gold medal at the European Bouldering Cup 2022 in Prague, Czech Republic. For women, Eva Maria Hammelmuller took gold. See the final scoreboard here.

Ondra first competed in the event 13 years ago, but failed to make finals after a slip in semis. He said the finals round was one of the best in the past few years, largely in part to the a sold out audience of home town supporters.

“The finals had a difficult slab to start with,” Ondra said about the first problem that he send on his second go. “I cruised boulder problem number two, but was disappointed in my performance on number three,” he said about the one problem he couldn’t top.

“I managed to top the last one which meant a victory. Three tops in five attempts. I was definitely excited and got a hunger to compete again after some some months with no competitions after the Olympics.”

The next IFSC bouldering world cup is from May 6 to 8 in Seoul. “Great memories, great night,” Ondra said. “I’m now looking forward to more competitions in the coming months.”

Adam Ondra competing at the European Bouldering Cup. Photo Petr Chodura
Lead photo: Petr Chodura