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Alannah Yip’s Tips for Bouldering Dynos

Alannah Yip is one of Canada's top climbers with an Olympic appearance, comp wins, 5.14 sends and V12 repeats

In this bouldering technique 101, Olympian Alannah Yip and climber Hannah Morris explore the world of dynos and dynamic movement in climbing. As a experienced professional climber with years of experience as a comp climber on the world cup circuit, Yip has honed her dyno skills and techniques.

Yip shares her expertise on dynos, which are dynamic movements in climbing that require a lot of power, speed, and accuracy. She breaks down the different types of dynos, from the classic jump to the paddle dyno, and provides valuable tips on how to execute them flawlessly.

Throughout the session, Yip also shares her personal experiences and stories of how she has used method to conquer fear of falling and uncertain dynamic movement. She demonstrates various techniques for improving your dyno skills, including how to use momentum, body positioning, and footwork to your advantage. Whether you’re an experienced climber or just starting out, this video is a great coaching resource.

Alannah Yip on Dynamic Movement