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Allison Vest Injured During Canadian Bouldering Championships

The defending champion of 2018, Allison Vest, was injured during finals at the Canadian Bouldering Championships at Bolder in Calgary. The title went back to Alannah Yip, who’d won the comp the previous few years.

Over 500 people were watching the livestream on Sunday when Vest took an awkward fall and twisted her ankle and leg in a bad way. She updated everyone on Monday with: “I went into finals eager to fight hard and even felt like I had a lot of gas left after the first two rounds.

“The first boulder in finals proved harder than I expected and I could feel myself getting frustrated which might be what prevented me from paying attention to how I was falling. When I hit the ground my ankle rolled one way and my knee went the other. While the pain on impact was substantial, it subsided pretty quick and once I was back in iso I felt like I might be okay to continue. [continued below]

“I got confirmation from my physio that everything felt okay, the trouble was, another weird fall could turn a strain into a real injury. I hate feeling like I gave up but I’m I want to do this climbing thing for a long time and preventing serious injury where possible is part of that process.

“I still have a long season ahead and a lot of goals to accomplish. On a positive note, my knee feels fine this morning and it’s actually my ankle that feels sore and weak. I’ve dealt with ankles before so I’m confident my training won’t be derailed too much. I’ll be back next year with more vengeance and drive than ever before.”

For a complete breakdown on the comp, visit here.

Final Results Men/Women

1. Zack Richardson / Alannah Yip
2. Nathan Smith / Madison Fischer
3. Guy McNamee / Paige Boklaschuk
4. Jason Holowach / Alyssa Weber
5. Lucas Uchida / Mika Hosoi
6. Tosh Sherkat / Allison Vest

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