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Big Psicobloc Falls in Chicago Climbing Fest

Chris Sharma was on hand for the first Psicocomp event in a few years. When climbers fell they landed in Lake Michigan

On Aug. 5, The North Face Climbing Festival took place on Chicago’s Navy Pier under cloudy skies. Some of the world’s best climbers gathered for the competition, which took place on a 55 foot wall above Lake Michigan.

Sasha DiGiulian and Jimmy Webb won the first Psicocomp event, which took place in Salt Lake City back in 2013 – read about it here. Hosts and MCs included Chris Sharma, Emily Harrington, Jimmy Chin, Malik Martin and Nathaniel Coleman.

Michaela Kiersch won gold for women and Ross Fulkerson took top spot for men. Watch the full event on YouTube below.

Psicobloc Chicago