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Canadian Kim Kamo is Australian Climbing Coach

Kim Kamo, originally from Canada, is national lead coach of the Australian rock climbing team and is training the team for the 2020 Olympics.

“When they were looking for national coaches they just put an ad out and I applied and I guess I just made their criteria,” Kamo Said.

Kamo has been the coach for three years and is no stranger to high level competition, having competed in several National Championship in both Soccer and Ringette.

In her early twenties, she competed in Canada’s semi-professional National Women’s Hockey League and played for Carleton University in the Canadian University Soccer league throughout her undergraduate degree.

Transferring years of experience from an earlier sports career into the sport of rock climbing came naturally.

Her passion for climbing, knowledge of competition, physical conditioning, and the ability to pick up the technical aspects of climbing has allowed her to help climbers of all abilities improve their climbing performance and reach personal goals.

Over the past few seasons with the Australian Climbing Team, she has gained experience coaching at the four international events and helped organize and run eight national team training events.

“Climbing is a really young sport right now in Australia and we’re basically working on creating some sort of framework about how the whole national coaching system is going to work,” she said.

“Pretty much all over the world, everyone is doing really well with recreational climbing, but on the competitive side different countries are lagging.

“So now because climbing is going to be at the Olympics, Australia is really trying to catch up … so coaches in Australia are going to be a key ingredient to competitive climbing in the future.”