Canadian National Climbing Coach Offers Tips and Advice

Andrew Wilson shares advice on how to stay fit and healthy during covid-19

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National climbing coach Andrew Wilson shared tips and advice for climbers and athletes stuck at home during the coronavirus covid-19 outbreak. Below was an update he made on the website. Be sure to follow Climbing Escalade Canada on Instagram below.

The current global COVID-19 situation is difficult to process and has led to incredible uncertainty. We are bombarded with updates, statistics, statements and speculation. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and “adrift” in a sea of information. Managing how we cope involves finding ways to stay “grounded.”

Canada through the COC/CPC statements regarding the Olympics has taken a lead position globally in making public health and safety a priority. This is something we should all be very proud of. I would like to again ask the entire CEC community to join in this effort to “flatten the curve.”

For at least the next 30 days, I am asking that all athletes and coaches adhere to the following training guidelines sent to us from Own The Podium via email.

Training and Training Environments:

It is currently recommended that all Canadians should stay at home and exercise at home to the extent that is possible. Canadians who should be self-isolating for reasons of recent travel, any symptoms of illness, or contact with ill persons should NOT exercise in outdoor environments; they must remain at home.

Athletes with symptoms of illness are advised not to exercise, and seek medical advice. Athletes are strongly recommended to reduce training regimes for the purposes of performance gains related to Tokyo preparation. You should be exercising alone in open spaces or in your house as per current recommendations.

Spacing of two metres between people must be maintained. Do not share equipment; each athlete must use their own equipment. If training in indoor environments, wash or disinfect your hands before and after touching any equipment or surfaces. Disinfect all touched surfaces with EPA-approved disinfectants (70% alcohol, quaternary ammonium chlorides, 4% hydrogen peroxide).
Mental Health has the potential to be impacted by the current situation.

Here are some thoughts on how to manage: Plan daily COVID-19 information gathering – having news and info streams running 24/7 can lead to overload. Planning specific times and intervals to collect updates will ensure we get some necessary breaks from thinking about this situation. Looking at COVID-19 updates right before bed may not be optimal for sleep.

Find New Routines – Disruptions to our regular routines can be very challenging mentally. Take the time to create new daily routines that are possible in the current environment.

Find New Ways to Get Better – Without competitions to prepare for and consistency in regular training, many athletes will experience a loss of purpose. Take time to find new ways to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. Getting better as a person makes you better as a climber!

Can you be a leader in supporting the efforts to “flatten the curve”?
Can you help friends and local community members manage through this difficult time?
Have you always wanted to be able to juggle, play an instrument, draw/paint?
Can you get involved with a new virtual activity or community?
Are there meaningful discussions to be a part of?
Can you re-connect with old friends and family you haven’t talked to in a while?

Stay Connected – It will be easy to start feeling isolated (both physically and socially). Make the effort to reach out to friends, teammates and your community. Share what’s happening for you and be there for others.

Nutrition: Here are some thoughts on nutrition during reduced training/activity from COC/OTP:

KEEP TO A REGULAR EATING SCHEDULE: This will prevent boredom and mindless eating, which can lead to excess unwanted (and needed) calories! Ask yourself Are You Hungry first, if YES, then PLAN what you will have, and listen to satiety cues and stop when you’re full!
STAY HYDRATED: Dehydration can increase levels of stress hormones, something we all don’t need more of right now. Drink 2-4 L of fluid such as water, carbonated water, tea, coffee, milk, or small amounts of 100% juice. If your first urine after waking up is the colour of lemonade, you’re doing well. Limit Alcohol!
KEEP PROTEIN HIGH!: It is important to continue with your regular protein needs, as this will help to minimize any lean muscle mass loss during reduced strength training. Focus on high quality proteins: Poultry, meat, fish (canned or dried!), eggs, dairy (and lactose free dairy), soy (edamame), and quinoa (good sub when there is no rice!).
CONTINUE WITH YOUR REGULAR NUTRITION SUPPLEMENTATION PROTOCOL: This means if you were taking for ex. iron, Vitamin D, B12 etc. for clinical deficiencies, DON’T FORGET TO CONTINUE THEM!

Allow yourself to think about a positive resolution to the current situation. For sure, there are times when we will feel scared, times when we will feel a bit overwhelmed and times when we will feel okay. Give yourself permission to feel whatever you feel and know you are not alone.

Take care of yourselves, your families and friends and your planet.

Andrew Wilson
Directeur Haute Performance/ High Performance Director
National Coach

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CEC Head Coach statement: "On behalf of Climbing Escalade Canada and its Olympic athletes, Alannah Yip and Sean McColl, I would like to applaud the Canadian Olympic Committee/Canadian Paralympic Committee for their decision to not send Canadian teams to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the summer of 2020. It takes real leadership and courage to take a firm stand. We strongly believe this is the right call. I am calling on the entire Canadian Climbing Community to join with COC/CPC in doing our part to “flatten the curve” of Covid-19. This means adhering to public health and safety guidelines above all else. Athletic competition, training and preparation will become a priority again in the future, but it is not one at this point in time. For now, we must prioritize the health, safety and well being of our friends and neighbours, fellow Canadians and people of the World. Stay safe. @teamcanada Postpone Today; Conquer Tomorrow. Andrew Wilson CEC High Performance Director National Team Head Coach Olympic Head Coach

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