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Canadian Speed Climbing National Champions Crowned in Montreal

British Columbia's Ethan Pitcher and Quebec's Cedar Hendry earned gold

On February 19, the 2022-2023 Canadian Speed National Championships were held at the Horizon Roc climbing gym in Montreal, Quebec. The event was run by Climbing Escalade Canada (CEC), the national governing body for comp climbing in Canada as recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the IFSC.

The speed finals saw the top 16 men and top 8 women from the qualification round vying for the titles of Speed National Champions. BC-based Ethan Pitcher won the men’s final race with a time of 5.70 while Cedar Hendry of Quebec won the women’s final race in 9.84 seconds. Junior, Youth A, and Youth B speed comps were held on February 18.

Men’s Results

  1. Ethan Pitcher
  2. Dylan Le
  3. Adrien Lèvesque

Women’s Results

  1. Cedar Hendry
  2. Teagan Chow
  3. Inès Ferrarini

2022-2023 Speed National Championships Livestream Replay