Canadian Youth Boulder Nationals Results 2020

Paige Boklaschuk and Kindar McNamee took golds for Juniors

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The Canadian Youth Boulder Nationals took place this weekend at The Hive in Vancouver. The routesetting was great and the climbers pushed hard to make finals.

Here are the podium results from Youth A, Youth B and Juniors. Youth C and Youth D no longer compete at the nationals.

Junior Female / Male

1. Paige Boklaschuk (AB) / Kindar McNamee (BC)
2. Ruby Tennen (ON) / Zach Richardson (ON)
3. Brielle Zacharias (BC) / Guy McNamee (BC)

Youth A Female

1. Sydney Park (ON)  / Ethan Hoffman (BC)
2. Riley Galloway (ON) / Victor Baudrand (BC)
3. Tula Sherkat (BC) / Jaxson MacDonald (BC)

Youth B Female

1. Evangelina Briggs (ON) / Oscar Baudrand (BC)
2. Alexa Vanier (AB) / Dylan Le (QC)
3. Jaqueline Ho (ON) / Manny Derima (ON)