2018 team member Indiana Chapman Photo Shane Murdoch

Nearly 700 youth athletes from five continents and 43 countries take the spotlight at the IFSC Youth World Championships on Aug. 9 to 16 in Moscow, Russia.

The young Sport Climbing stars will compete over eight days to be crowned Bouldering, Lead, Speed and Combined youth world champions of 2018.

A number of Canadians advanced to Semis and Finals and we’ll have interviews and a follow-up report within the next few days.

Indiana Chapman, for the second year in a row, got Canada its best finish with fourth in Youth B Boulder. The only Canadians to advance to Finals were Chapman in Youth B Boulder and Lead, Zach Richardson in Youth B Boulder and Victor Baudrand in Youth B Lead.

Brought home more learned lessons

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Canadian Results

Male Youth A Lead
Devin Wong (Semis/11)
Aidan Doyle (52)
Guy McNamee (Semis/16)
Kindar McNamee (32)

Male Youth B Lead
Brennan Doyle (39)
Ethan Hoffman (28)
Victor Baudrand (Semis/Finals/6)
Jaxon MacDonald (58)

Male Juniors Lead
Sean Faulkner (41)
Ivan Luo (38)

Female Juniors Lead
Mika Hosoi (29)
Sophie Buitendyk (33)
Bronwen Karnis (20)
Bea Evans (32)

Female Youth A Lead
Babette Roy (42)
Paige Boklaschuk (40)

Female Youth B Lead
Indiana Chapman (Semis/Finals/8)
Alexis Binder (40)
Sonya Colliander (29)
Mateja Vukojevic (39)

Male Juniors Speed
Ivan Lou (20)
David Trudeau (41)

Male Youth A Speed
Aidan Doyle (28)
Hunter Lastiwka (41)
Manh Ellis (23)

Male Youth B Speed
Brennan Doyle (36)
Jaxson MacDonald (24)

Female Youth A Speed
Babette Roy (25)
Brielle Zacharias (31)

Female Youth B Speed
Indiana Chapman (34)
Alexis Binder (28)
Emi Takashiba (21)

Female Juniors Boulder
Mika Hosoi (27)
Sophie Buitendyk (24)
Bronwen Karnis (Semis/20)

Female Youth A Boulder
Babette Roy (37)
Yinki Ying (35)

Female Youth B Boulder
Indiana Chapman (Semis/Finals/4)
Mateja Vukojevic (39)
Sonya Colliander (35)

Male Juniors Boulder
David Trudeau (57)
Zachary Mathieu (60)

Male Youth A Boulder
Guy McNamee (Semis/18)
Aidan Doyle (50)
Manh Ellis (55)
Zach Richardson (Semis/Finals/6)

Male Youth B Boulder
Ethan Hoffman (Semis/16)
TJ Foley (47)

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