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Canadian Youth World Championships 2018 Results

2018 team member Indiana Chapman Photo Shane Murdoch

Nearly 700 youth athletes from five continents and 43 countries take the spotlight at the IFSC Youth World Championships on Aug. 9 to 16 in Moscow, Russia.

The young Sport Climbing stars will compete over eight days to be crowned Bouldering, Lead, Speed and Combined youth world champions of 2018.

A number of Canadians advanced to Semis and Finals and we’ll have interviews and a follow-up report within the next few days.

Indiana Chapman, for the second year in a row, got Canada its best finish with fourth in Youth B Boulder. The only Canadians to advance to Finals were Chapman in Youth B Boulder and Lead, Zach Richardson in Youth B Boulder and Victor Baudrand in Youth B Lead.

Brought home more learned lessons

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Canadian Results

Male Youth A Lead
Devin Wong (Semis/11)
Aidan Doyle (52)
Guy McNamee (Semis/16)
Kindar McNamee (32)

Male Youth B Lead
Brennan Doyle (39)
Ethan Hoffman (28)
Victor Baudrand (Semis/Finals/6)
Jaxon MacDonald (58)

Male Juniors Lead
Sean Faulkner (41)
Ivan Luo (38)

Female Juniors Lead
Mika Hosoi (29)
Sophie Buitendyk (33)
Bronwen Karnis (20)
Bea Evans (32)

Female Youth A Lead
Babette Roy (42)
Paige Boklaschuk (40)

Female Youth B Lead
Indiana Chapman (Semis/Finals/8)
Alexis Binder (40)
Sonya Colliander (29)
Mateja Vukojevic (39)

Male Juniors Speed
Ivan Lou (20)
David Trudeau (41)

Male Youth A Speed
Aidan Doyle (28)
Hunter Lastiwka (41)
Manh Ellis (23)

Male Youth B Speed
Brennan Doyle (36)
Jaxson MacDonald (24)

Female Youth A Speed
Babette Roy (25)
Brielle Zacharias (31)

Female Youth B Speed
Indiana Chapman (34)
Alexis Binder (28)
Emi Takashiba (21)

Female Juniors Boulder
Mika Hosoi (27)
Sophie Buitendyk (24)
Bronwen Karnis (Semis/20)

Female Youth A Boulder
Babette Roy (37)
Yinki Ying (35)

Female Youth B Boulder
Indiana Chapman (Semis/Finals/4)
Mateja Vukojevic (39)
Sonya Colliander (35)

Male Juniors Boulder
David Trudeau (57)
Zachary Mathieu (60)

Male Youth A Boulder
Guy McNamee (Semis/18)
Aidan Doyle (50)
Manh Ellis (55)
Zach Richardson (Semis/Finals/6)

Male Youth B Boulder
Ethan Hoffman (Semis/16)
TJ Foley (47)