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Canadians In Semi-Finals in Xiamen, China Lead WC

Canada has five athletes competing in the eighth and last lead world cup event of the season, happening right now in Xiamen, China: Becca Frangos, Brandon Barraclough, Aidan Doyle, Elan Jonas McRae and Raul Sapra.

Qualification rounds took place late last night (for Canadians). Elan Jonas McRae has qualified for the semi-final round in 23rd place, along with Rahul Sapra, who took the last semi-final spot in 26th place.

Janja Garnbret (SLO) and Jakob Schubert (AUT) clinched the overall Lead titles at last week’s world cup in Wujiang, but the overall combined crowns are still up for grabs and will be decided after this weekend.

Lead semi-finals begin at 1pm on Sunday in Xiamen (10pm PST, 11pm MST) and finals are at 6:30pm (3:30am PST, 6:30am EDT).

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