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He Turns Worst Rated Tokyo Gym Into The Best

The top climber has a huge influence in the climbing world

Magnus Midtbo recently visited Tokyo and turned the worst rated bouldering gym into one of the best. The YouTube star wanted to find the gym with the lowest score in their reviews on the internet and visit to see what the problem was.

When Midtbo, one of the world’s few 5.15b climbers, arrived to find friendly climbers and a training wall similar to the walls you’d ind in the 1990s, he was pleasantly surprised. He made a few first ascents and got in a good session.

In the end, he returned to his hotel room where he gave the gym a five-star rating. After the video started to trend, hundreds of climbers started to give the gym a better rating, bringing it from being one of the worst to one of the highest rated. Watch below.

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