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How to Build a Hangboard

Ontario climber Jacquie Des Rosiers shows us how to build a hangboard.

As Canadians across the country seek to fill their hours of isolation, some climbers have taken up woodworking to pass the time. Ontario climber Jacquie Des Rosiers is one climber who has learned how to make hangboards in this period of isolation. A hangboard is a finger-strength training-tool that allows a climber to increase the isometric loading strength of their digits.

Though many climbers wish to build such hangboard for themselves, it can be difficult, especially when you live in a city and your landlord won’t allow holes in their walls. For those seeking knowledge in this otherwise unfortunate time, take a quick look at this video and begin your training!

Though remaining psyched is by far the greatest crux for many climbers, it is important to remember that we can each come out of this quarantine stronger than we were before. Be sure to exercise caution during hangboard construction as all construction has inherent risk.