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IFSC Looks for Media Partner as Climbing in Japan Booming

The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) issued an Request For Proposal regarding its media and sponsorship rights in Japan.

The IFSC reported: We are looking for a three-year media rights deal with Tokyo-based Synca Creations is due for renewal at the end of this year. From 2019, the IFSC intends to package media and sponsorship together to increase total value and synergy in the Japanese market.

IFSC President Marco Scolaris commented, “The growth of Sport Climbing in Japan has been unusually fast, but it reflects a trend we now observe across the world.

“The growing awareness of Sport Climbing is visible in a booming use of values, codes, athletes and images of our amazing sport by more and more international brands, all around the world.

“The market and key commercial actors are recognising the assets of Sport Climbing and this interest has catapulted the sport into the arena of main stream sports, and a world full of possibilities.”

With the deadline for submissions in September, the IFSC expects to conclude its RFP process soon.

More information can be found in the official press release here, and for any questions please contact Steven Morris at steven@broadreachmedia.tv.

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