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IFSC Suspends Moscow World Cup in Solidarity with Ukraine

The International Federation of Sport Climbing released a statement in solidarity with Ukraine. Ukrainian climbers call for action

On Friday, February 25, the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) convened with stakeholders to address the developing invasion of Ukraine and the upcoming World Cup Series.

This year’s first World Cup event was set to take place in Moscow, Russia on April 1. In the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, IFSC president Marco Scolaris held a meeting with the Ukrainian Mountaineering and Climbing Federation to express the solidarity of the IFSC and the entire Climbing community with the people of Ukraine during this crisis.  As such, the IFSC has suspended the Boulder and Speed World Cup scheduled for Moscow this Spring.

The IFSC intends to find a new location for the event. According to today’s press release, President Scolaris said that he hoped the conflict in Ukraine would end quickly and peacefully without further violence.

Still, the invasion of Ukraine continues. Ukrainian World Cup athlete Jenya Kazbekova has vocalized a call for action on social media. European Champion Nika Potapova reiterated this statement in her Instagram story.

Ukrainian Speed World Champion Danyil Boldyrev has also been vocal on his account saying in an Instagram post, “I want to appeal to the people who can help our soldiers, they are all the oligarchs and people who can help with their resources and influence. We have a critical point – the war, find the courage and sincerity to give everything for our independent country… Love and kindness will win – this is about our native Ukraine.”

Featured image by Dimitris Tosidis