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Indoor Weekly: McRae and Yip are 2018 Lead Champs

The 2018 Canadian Lead Nationals took place at The Boulders in Victoria on May 19 to 21.

It was a great event, well organized and had many of Canada’s top climbers.

In the end, Alannah Yip held on to her championship title for the second year in a row. Joining her on the top of the Open podium was Elan Jonas-McRae.

Sport Climbing BC (SCBC) climbers dominated the podiums, winning every category except three.

The entire Youth B Female podium went to Ontario climbers with Indiana Chapman finishing first. Babette Roy was the only Quebec climber to take home a gold with a strong performance in Youth A.

Alex Fricker was the only Alberta climber to finish in first place with a gold in Junior.

Congrats to everyone for the great effort. The Speed Nationals is also taking place and will wrap up by the end of May 21.

Below are podium results from Lead 2018.

Open Female/Male

1. Alannah Yip (SCBC) / Elan Jonas-McRae (SCBC)
2. Mika Hosoi (SCBC) / Kyle Murdoch (SCBC)
3. Bronwen Karnis (OCF) / Alex Fricker (ACA)

Junior Female/Male

1. Mika Hosoi (SCBC) / Alex Fricker (ACA)
2. Bronwen Karnis (OCF) / Sean Faulkner (SCBC)
3. Sophie Buitendyk (SCBC) / Ivan Luo (SCBC)

Youth A Female/Male

1. Babette Roy (FQME) / Kindar McNamee (SCBC)
2. Paige Boklaschuk (ACA) / Aidan Doyle (SCBC)
3. Lola Rabinovitch (SCBC) / Devin Wong (SCBC)

Youth B Female/Male

1. Indiana Chapman (OCF) / Victor Baudrand (SCBC)
2. Mateja Vukojevic (OCF) / Brennan Doyle (SCBC)
3. Sydney Park (OCF) / Ethan Hoffman (SCBC)

Youth C Female/Male

1. Annabelle McDonald (SCBC) / Oscar Baudrand (SCBC)
2. Evangelina Briggs (OCF) / Emmanuel Derima (SCBC)
3. Alexa Vanier (ACA) / Connor Jones (SCBC)