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Janja Garnbret in Race for Athlete of the Year

The following is a press release from the IFSC: Ten candidates remain in the race for The World Games’ Athlete of the Year award, including Sport Climbing star Janja Garnbret (SLO), currently in 7th place.

Every year, top athletes from 25 participating sports of The World Games face-off for the annual award. The winner is decided by public vote, which takes place throughout the month of January.

Fans can vote once per day for their candiate, and new subscribers to The World Games’ newsletter may vote twice per day according to the rules. On January 15th, the field shrinks to the top ten for the duration of the vote. Reza Alipourshenazandifar (IRI) claimed the prize last year in an incredibly tight race, and Adam Ondra (CZE) won in 2014 after becoming the Bouldering and Lead world champion.

Garnbret, Athlete of the Month in September, recorded numerous achievements in 2018. She placed 1st or 2nd at every Bouldering and Lead event in which she competed. At the biannual IFSC World Championships, which took place in Innsbruck and featured the Combined finals for the first time, Garnbret placed 1st in Bouldering, 2nd in Lead and 1st in the Combined finals.

In the annual IFSC World Cup series, she won more events than any other athlete (6) and placed 1st in Lead, 4th in Bouldering and 1st in the Combined season rankings. In total, Garnbret amassed eight gold and five silver medals in 2018.

In addition, Garnbret showed good sporting spirit during competitions and was a role model off the climbing walls. Instead of competing in May events, Garnbret took time to focus on her final examinations for school.

Besides school and climbing, she does not have time for much else. “And even if I had time for anything else, I would still go climbing,” she laughs.

Show your support for Garnbret and Sport Climbing by voting every day until February 1ston The World Games website.

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