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Jernej Kruder and Viktoria Meshkova are Euro Boulder Champs 2020

The 2020 European Championships are taking place in Moscow this week

The IFSC European Championships are taking this place with the bouldering wrapping up today. Lead and Combined will be later this week.

Viktoria Meshkova secured her first European title by narrowly beating Caulier Chloe by one zone attempt. Jernej Kruder took first place in semis and finals and will be going for an Olympic bid later this week.

Results Men/Women

1. Jernej Kruder SLO / Viktoria Meshkova
2. Sergei Luzhetskii RUS / Caulier Chloe BEL
3. Nikolai Iarilovets RUS / Stasa Gejo SRB

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