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Jimmy Webb and Hannah Tolson Win Psicocomp 2018

Hannah Tolson at Psicocomp 2018

Jimmy Webb and Hannah Tolson were the champions of the 2018 Psicocomp Master Series at Park City, Utah.

Some top climbers from today’s comp scene made the trip for Qualifiers, including Sami Singleton, Maddy Morris, Michelle Abshire and Katie Myers for women and Joey Catama, Devin Hammonds, Sean Faulkner, Eric Jerome, Nikolas Karolides and Garett McClellan for men’s.

It was an intense competition with some big falls that ended in injuries, including one by Singleton that forced her to quit before the third round lightning match.

While many climbers know who Webb is, mostly because he’s established some of the hardest boulder up to V16 around the world and has won Psicocomp before, you might not know much about Tolson.

She’s been an active member of USA Climbing for the last several years. After competing in the USAC Youth Circuit for six years and qualifying for the National Team four times, Tolson focused her interests on growing collegiate climbing.

As a student at Gonzaga University, she built a climbing program at her university and won the Sport Climbing Title at the Collegiate Climbing National Championship in it’s opening year. This year, after qualifying for the US Team in all three climbing disciplines (3rd-speed, 3rd-bouldering, 5th- sport) she competed at the 2018 University World Championship where she placed 8th in Bouldering.

Tolson was also the recipient of the 2018 Collegiate Climbing Ambassador Award, and hopes to lead an initiative to build a climbing gym on her campus in the coming years. In spite of having success in the Open Climbing Circuit (9th in 2018 Sport Open Nationals) her interests lie in pioneering collegiate climbing and making it accessible to all university students.

As she focuses on the Olympics, she said, “I began my journey as a competitive climber nearly eight years ago, and have spent the greater part of my teenage years traveling and competing around the world. Climbing has enriched my life in ways I cannot begin to describe – teaching me how to problem solve, how to win with humility, how to lose with grace, and why I should never be afraid of falling.

“As rock climbing received its first ever bid to the 2020 Olympic Games, it brings me great hope that climbing will continue its upward trajectory (and I will too!) I look forward to embarking on the next chapter of my climbing career as a community advocate, teacher, and Olympic hopeful.”

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