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Josh Muller and Alyssa Weber Win Grip It Boulder Comp

The Alberta Climbing Association (ACA) had its first sanctioned bouldering comp yesterday, Oct. 27, at Grip It Climbing Gym in Saskatoon.

A lot of strong climbers showed up for the event, which made it a tight race just to get into finals. For example, in qualifiers, eight women finished six problems and seven zones, thus the six finalists were determined based on attempts.

For the men, there was a tie for sixth place, so seven men went through to the final round.

There were some tricky, or rather “high risk” boulders in Finals. No one in either category finished more than two problems, so attempts were crucial.

For the women, Alyssa Weber won the event over Eva Thompson, who came second, because of one attempt to top, and Jennifer Slater came third. For the men, Josh Muller eked out in first place with fewer attempts to zone, while Eric Sethna came second in front of Mark Derksen because of attempts to top.

See full results here

Open Finals Results

1. Alyssa Weber / Josh Muller
2. Eva Thompson / Eric Sethna
3. Jennifer Slater / Mark Derksen
4. Paige Boklaschuk / Hunter Lee
5.Grace Wieninger / Marc Eveleigh
6. Holly Hembroff / Alex Horsfield
7. — / Dominick Mallette

Youth C and D are on the wall! #youngguns @18quinn_volk stemming her way up!

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