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Kyra Condie Dominates as Tim Kang Takes Gold at North American Cup Series

Kyra Condie and Timothy Knag control first across multiple rounds at the Vail, Colorado North American Cup Series

With the World Cup raging in Brixen, many forgot to turn their attention to the North American Cup Series (NACS) in Vail, Colorado. Among the nearly 200 competitors who took aim at finals, 12 pushed into the last round, each with the hope of earning Gold. In both gender categories, the results were dominant demonstrations.

Condie and Kang Win

After retaining her position at the top of the field across all rounds of competition, American Olympian Kyra Condie secured gold with two Tops and four Zones. Reflecting the Men’s World Cup final that also took place this weekend, the challenging round saw only one other athlete earn two Tops: Catherine Harty.

While Harty managed to stay contentious over the length of the competition, Condie climbed in a league of her own, as did Salt Lake’s Timothy Kang. Kang has struggled to hit the podium over his last elite competitions, but the hard bouldering round suited his tactics and he became the only man to secure two Tops and four Zones. Charles Barron followed, but Kang earned first through semi-finals as well, effectively controlling the competition.

He did not quite dominate the NACS event as Condie did, securing only fifth in qualifiers, but he did win against a stacked field. It is easy to say that Zach Galla, Colin Duffy, and Ross Fulkerson were not present at this competition, but Kang defeated Barron, Simon Hibbeler, Luke Muehring, Adam Shahar and other World Cup-level athletes who regularly contest and pressure USA Climbing’s National Bouldering Team.

Team Canada

Although Sean Faulkner’s sixth-place finish and Allison Vest’s fifth place-finish were not podium placements, both athletes climbed well in their first bouldering comp of recent months. Leaving and returning to competition, especially mid-season is hard when you are out of practice, but yesterday evening, they both climbed in finals in their first rounds back. Canadians will await their future participations in the upcoming NACS events.


Alex Johnson earned bronze after qualifying low in the first round. Johnson continues to lay down impressive performances year after year, even as she aligns herself most closely with outdoor bouldering.

In the men’s field, Simon Hibbeler and Charles Barron continue to make their presence known, both making semi-finals at the first Salt Lake City World Cup last month. To medal yesterday not only shows their developing consistency, but it also raises up Kang’s victory as a special achievement.



1 – Kyra Condie (USA)

2 – Catherine Harty (USA)

3 – Alex Johnson (USA)

4 – Campbell Sarinopoulos (USA)

5 – Allison Vest (CAN)

6 – Zoe Bitters (USA)


1 – Timothy Kang (USA)

2 – Charles Barron (USA)

3 – Simon Hibbeler (USA)

4 – Dillon Countryman (USA)

5 – Luke Muehring (USA)

6 – Sean Faulkner (CAN)

Featured image of Kyra Condie by Eddie Fowke.